12-14-16: Boom Jackson - You Best of Jackson Guide to Weddnigs

Best of Jackson is good for a lot of things: It can give you ideas on where to shop, where to eat, who's who in the Jackson area and more. And it can do one more thing: Help you plan your wedding. Let's take a look at last year's results. See this year's winners in the Jackson Free Press on Jan. 25 and at

01-02-15: Inspiration Mississippi - Arden Barnett & ardenland (Life Story)

So what is your resolution for 2015?  To take advantage of the incredible talent Arden is bringing to the state.  Fans are pouring into venues throughout the south every week, hearing bands such as the Flaming Lips, Robert Earl Keen, Paul Thorn, Rickie Lee Jones and Marty Stuart.  An evening of great live music is always good for the soul.

07-01-13: Find It in Fondren - School's In: A Look at The Lorena Duling School

With the village of Fondren growing in the early 1900s, the need for a public school also emerged. Land was found in the geographic center of the area and in 1926, the Lorena Duling School, named for a notable area educator (see below), located at 622 Duling Avenue, was designed by Jackson architect Claude H. Lindsley.

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