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In Pick At The Scab, Rock Eupora’s upcoming full-length album, the listener hears Waller opening sores–admitting personal struggles, asking existential questions, exploring new sonic territory–and exposing them to the light, reaching beyond himself with emotionally honest lyrics and ambitious musical arrangements. “Feels like I’m going out on a limb with a crack in it over and over again,” he admits on the back side of the album.

“I have the tendency to want to fix or heal myself,” Waller says, reflecting on the inspiration behind the LP. “This album is very much me trying to ‘pick at the scab’ of my life. The motive is generally pure: I want to clear the scab away so as to speed up the healing process. We all know that picking at a scab usually results in a reopened wound and a bloody mess, further delaying the healing process. And yet we keep picking.”

Put simply, on Pick At The Scab, Rock Eupora is arriving at a destination: Waller, now thirty, has chosen to feel everything. In so doing, in “feeling all of myself,” Waller has painted a rich, multivariate self-portrait. Through experimentation with new songs and sounds, confronting painful personal issues head-on, striving to find the balance between despair and joy, silliness and seriousness, heartbreak and love, the personal and the universal, Pick At The Scab delivers a full-bodied expression of what it means to live and to feel alive.

Doors – 7:00pm | Show – 8:00pm

Listen to their newest album Pick at the Scab (2022) and watch their recent music video I Would Tell You to get a sneak peek at the show you’ll be seeing at Duling Hall on October 21.

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Rock Eupora – I Would Tell You (Official Music Video)

Our friends at Saltine Restaurant serve a food menu from doors to showtime and provide a full bar with signature cocktails throughout the entire event.

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