MELVINS at Duling Hall Monday, October 17th


The Melvins weren’t the first band to acknowledge the heavy metal influences that most left-of-center bands had been trying to shake off since punk rock broke in 1977 (that honor would go to Black Flag on their polarizing 1984 album My War). But no other band to emerge from the punk/alternative underground would mine Black Sabbath‘s slow, monolithic roar with greater effect than the Melvins, and they would prove to be wildly influential despite barely breaking out of cult status. The drop-D tunings and brontosaurus stomp of grunge icons such as TadMudhoney, and Soundgarden would be unthinkable without the trails the Melvins blazed, and Kurt Cobain often sang their praises, helping them land their first major-label recording deal in 1993. They became a bridge between the edges of the punk and metal communities, who would find greater common ground from the ’90s onward.

While the Melvins were as recognizable as any band of their day, they also proved to be more creatively flexible than nearly all their peers, willing to experiment with different styles (the massive suite on 1992’s Melvins [aka Lysol], the ambitious studio experimentation of 1996’s Stag, the noisy soundscapes in 2017’s A Walk with Love and Death) and a variety of musical configurations (bringing in multiple guest vocalists on 2000’s The Crybaby, using two drummers on 2006’s A Senile Animal, working with a rotating team of bassists on 2016’s Basses Loaded, recording with two bassists at once on 2018’s Pinkus Abortion Technician, and recording an epic-scale acoustic set for 2021’s Five Legged Dog), all of which helped the band remain productive and prolific more than three decades after they launched.

Doors – 6:30pm | Show – 7:30pm

Listen to their newest album Five Legged Dog (2021) and watch their recent music video All I Needed to get a sneak peek at the show you’ll be seeing at Duling Hall on October 17!

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Melvins – LIVE from Los Angeles (Jam In The Van Session Full Session)

Our friends at Saltine Restaurant serve a food menu from doors to showtime and provide a full bar with signature cocktails throughout the entire event.

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