Lady Dan and Waltzer at Duling Hall on August 16

Lady Dan and Waltzer at Duling Hall on August 16th

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Tyler Dozier’s songs as Lady Dan tap even deeper into that sublime intersection where searing pain can reach sublime heights. Her own tale of hurt comes complete with multilayered existential quandaries, of empowerment and restriction, of life and death, of faith and its absence. On her debut album I Am the Prophet April 23rd 2021 via Earth Libraries, the Austin-based musician weaves intensely personal storytelling, poetic imagery, biblical allusion, immaculate arrangements, and crackling songwriting into an irresistible melancholic melange.


Sophie Sputnik, professionally known as Waltzer, is a Chicago based singer songwriter and artist. She began her career in the swampy, punk rock scene of South Florida before moving to Chicago to pursue her next project. In Chicago, Sophie drew on the influences that dominated the scene she grew up in such as Iggy Pop, The WhiteStripes, and The Ronettes to name a few. A collision occurred upon meeting the folks of the Chicago music scene as she found herself working with musicians of all different backgrounds and styles, leading to the creation of Waltzer’s debut album “Time Traveler.” Drawing from her love of Orbison, Etta, and Harrison, songs like “Lantern” and“Destroyer” found their soul in producer Chris Devlin’s home and then recorded on tape at Treehouse records. Time Traveler pays homage to all the folks who wrestle with death and failure. Although the lyrics get heavy, Waltzer’s stage performance has a sarcastic undertone which reverberates through the record with the intent to help the listener stay afloat. Her message is clear, “Life is really hard / I’m messed up too / Let’s get through it together and laugh at all the weird stuff.”

Doors – 6:30pm | Show – 7:30pm

Listen to their newest albums I am The Prophet (2021) and Time Traveler (2021) to get a sneak peek at the show you’ll be seeing at Duling Hall on August 2nd

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Our friends at Saltine Restaurant serve a food menu from doors to showtime and provide a full bar with signature cocktails throughout the entire event.

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