Drivin N Cryin Stays True To Their Sound

Every once in a while, a band will come along whose songs feel like the comfort of talking to an old friend, Drivin N Cryin is one of them. The band was formed in Atlanta in the mid 1980s, giving birth to their unique sound: a concoction of southern rock, punk, and folk seasoned with a whole lot of heart. The force behind their music? Kevn Kinney, the band’s frontman since day one, writing songs that make listeners feel understood and allow them to relate to the band on a deeper level.

Each album the band has released has played a pivotal role in their journey towards success. Their debut album, “Scarred But Smarter”, shows audiences that Drivin N Cryin is not one looking just to play music, but to tell stories. Their second album, “Whisper Tames The Lion”, shows the band leaning into hard rock while preserving the uniqueness of their lyrical depth, gaining them national recognition. The most popular anthems you’ll hear fans sing at the top of their lungs can be traced back to “Mystery Road”, and albums such as “The Great American Bubble Factory and “Live the Love Beautiful,” showcase the bands ability to adapt to the growing demands of the music industry without losing sight of who they are.

Drivin N Cryin’s legacy is built on their authenticity and devotion to creating music that touches the souls of many. Filled with familiar lyrics and fueled by raw emotion, their songs feel like an oasis in a desert of manufactured music; timeless and compelling.

If you’re looking for music filled with heart and soul, come join us at Drivin N Cryin’s upcoming show this July 25th!

Doors: 6:30 PM | Show: 7:30 PM

Listen to Drivin N Cryin’s spotify to get a sneak peek to what you’ll be seeing on July 25th LIVE at Duling Hall!