Cowboy Mouth is Cooking Up A Gumbo of Sounds

If you’ve ever had a taste of the rich, tantalizing flavor of a steaming pot of New Orleans gumbo, then you know it keeps you coming back for more. Similarly to the rich variety of ingredients you’ll find in the pot, Cowboy Mouth introduces an exquisite concoction of rhythms like rock, blues, country, and more, all seasoned with a whole lotta soul. The vibrant diversity of their music is hard to resist, and is known to leave audiences hoping for another taste.

For over three decades, the band has been polishing their unique sound, infusing it with the soul of the streets of their hometown and electrifying beats. The infectious energy of their songs such as “Mardi Gras State Of Mind” and “Jenny Says” stand out amidst the music scene. Over half a million albums sold, over 3,000 stages played, and over 10 million people entertained point to the undeniability that Cowboy Mouth is a force to be reckoned with. 

The band’s sound is like no other, going far beyond a few tunes to be played, and instead serving up a hot, steaming bowl of musical goodness that leaves you hungry for more. Come experience the distinctive sound of Cowboy Mouth on June 27th, and taste the rich flavor of their gumbo of sounds!

Doors: 6:30 PM | Show: 7:30 PM

Listen to Cowboy Mouth’s spotify to get a sneak peek to what you’ll be seeing on June 27th LIVE at Duling Hall!