11-12-19: Duling Hall Concert Reviews

“Fondren is lucky to have many wonderful attractions. This is one of the best assets in my opinion. This beautifully restored school now houses shopping, restaurants and an event space. Duling Hall hosts many wonderful events each week. From stand-up comics, to church services. We are lucky to have Ardenland booking the acts for this space.” – Aaron Ray A.

11-11-19: Fairview Inn - Duling Hall Is One Of The Best Venues In Mississippi

Treat yourself to a night out on the town during your next vacation!  Jackson, MS, is one charming city that offers outstanding entertainment in a wide variety of different venues. However, one of the best venues in Jackson, MS, is, without a doubt, Duling Hall. This amazing center hosts some of the finest concerts, shows, and performances around. Discover why you will love attending a show at this great spot and start making plans to see your favorite performer at Duling Hall in Jackson, MS!

11-11-19: Best of Jackson - Best Live Music Venue

Duling Hall

It's been three years since show promoter Arden Barnett first started leasing Duling Hall, the stomping grounds of his entertainment company, Ardenland, from Mike Peters of Peters Development. The deal brought a surge of enthusiasm for live music into Jackson's Fondren area that keeps audiences coming.

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