11-12-19: Duling Hall Concert Reviews

“Living in Jackson, MS, you learn to live without certain things. Fact of the matter is, we just don't get the big-name concerts and performers here in lil' ole' Jackson. I've grown to accept it, but I think it's a damn shame because I bet tons of performers would love a chance to play at Duling Hall-- one of the coolest venues you can check out in the Southeast. Located inside an old, converted elementary school, Duling Hall is host to several different businesses, including the most popular concert venue in town. Also, inside Duling, you'll find Saltine and Babalu, and my favorite salon in town, Smoak. The concert venue is a really, really neat atmosphere. It's split into two sections, with one being a bit higher up than the other. The lower level is usually standing room during big concerts, while the upper area will often have tables and chairs. The upper area is where the bar is too! During some shows I've seen here, like the burlesque shows that come through occasionally. The stage is relatively low to the ground, so during shows like that, it's easy for the performers to interact with the audience which is super fun. As far as showmanship and technicalities, Duling does an amaaazing job with the concerts. The lights are always on point. The acoustics are fantastic. It's a very spacious venue with crazy high ceilings and some huge windows, so you won't feel too claustrophobic. Ardenland, a local entertainment company, handles all the bookings for Duling and they get some really high-quality, awesome acts here. Even if you've never heard of who's playing, it's always a fun time to head down to Duling and listen to some live music. The best part is that after the show, you're within super-close walking distance of some of Fondren's best bars, so the night can keep going and you can keep jamming!” – Rachel P.

“Fondren is lucky to have many wonderful attractions. This is one of the best assets in my opinion. This beautifully restored school now houses shopping, restaurants and an event space. Duling Hall hosts many wonderful events each week. From stand-up comics, to church services. We are lucky to have Ardenland booking the acts for this space.” – Aaron Ray A.

“Best place for live music in Jackson metro.” – Matt M.

“Awesome venue; perfect size for a rocking and intimate show. Incredibly welcoming and friendly staff.” – Michael Goolsby

“Jackson, MS, is one charming city that offers outstanding entertainment in a wide variety of different venues. However, one of the best venues in Jackson, MS, is, without a doubt, Duling Hall. This amazing center hosts some of the finest concerts, shows, and performances around. Discover why you will love attending a show at this great spot and start making plans to see your favorite performer at Duling Hall in Jackson, MS!” – Fairview Inn

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